Wilson 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster

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Wilson Electronics – DB Pro 4G – Cellular Signal Booster.
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Improve the clarity of cell phone calls and reduce the number of dropped calls in your home or personal office with the Wilson Electronics DB Pro 4G cellular signal booster. The product includes everything you need to capture a weak cellular signal, transmit it into your home or office, increase the cell signal strength, and improve the performance of your cell phone, regardless of which carrier you use. The result is improved reception, fewer dropped calls, and increased data transmission rates.

How it Works

Many homes and buildings include materials that reduce or block cellular signals. Sometimes, the physical location prevents a strong signal from reaching your home or office because of the location of cell towers, other structures, or environmental barriers such as hills or trees. The DB Pro 4G captures a weak cellular signal, transmits it into your home or office, and boosts the signal strength to and from your cell phone, resulting in better call quality, fewer dropped calls, and increased data transmission rates.

The DB Pro 4G uses three primary components – an outside antenna, the signal booster, and an inside antenna. The outside antenna, which is mounted outside of your building on a wall or the roof, captures the weak cellular signal from the nearest tower. It then transmits the signal to the signal booster, which increases the signal strength before transmitting it to the inside antenna. Your cell phone then picks up the improved signal from the inside antenna and transmits back to the inside antenna, through the signal booster and to the outside antenna, sending a stronger cellular signal back to the cell tower.

Who it Helps
The Wilson Electronics DB Pro 4G is especially helpful for people who rely on their cell phones for their business needs, whether running a home business or from an office. These individuals require a stronger cellular signal to stay in contact with customers, vendors, remote employees, and others and to improve data transmission rates and reliability. The DB Pro 4G increases signal strength in small to mid-size home and personal office spaces. The DB Pro 4G boosts the signal for all voice calls, as well as increasing signal strength on 3G and 4G networks across all major cellular carriers.

What’s Included

The Wilson DB Pro 4G comes with everything you need to start benefiting from improved cellular reception, including:

An outside antenna that mounts on the roof or an outside wall. This antenna captures the signal from a nearby cellular tower.
Mounting hardware to install your antenna in the way that works best for you.
60 feet of coax cable (two 30-foot coils) to run from the outside antenna to the DB Pro 4G signal booster, conveying the signal from the cell tower.
The DB Pro 4G signal booster, which connects to the outside and inside antennas and increases the strength of inbound and outbound cellular signals.
An inside antenna, which mounts to a wall or ceiling and connects to the DB Pro 4G booster to transmit the stronger cellular signal to your cell phone.
AC power supply
Simple installation instructions and contact information for additional support.

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